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You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life? …

Free the Josef of thy soul from the Well;…

How can a captive King give a command?

Go on the Heaven’s roof, for a while dwell; …

How much can you wander idly on land?

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از چاه برآر یوسف  ِ جان

زین شاه بچاه در چه خیزد؟

بر بام  ِ فلک خرام یک ره

زین گشتن دربدر چه خیزد؟

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Never look down on anybody unless You’re helping him up … !

Let the beauty we love …

Be what we do …

There are hundreds of ways to kneel,

And kiss the ground …


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Earth Laughs In Flowers…

 Can a flower that keeps a pearl amid, …

Do anything else save for a sweet smile?

And can a candle with silver-crowned head, …

Escape from weeping, burning and the molten pile?


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Dream And Reality


If you only live in the dream and not in the reality
then you will get lost in your imagination.
If you only live in the reality and not in the dream
then you will be lost in the materialistic world.
Make therefore your reality to a dream and
…the dream to your reality
so that you can be
present in the real condition of love.

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