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Live As If You’ll Die Today …

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Every now and then a person walks into your life and makes it to appear more colourful, adding hope and joy to your life. That person bring with them part of heaven and all you see in them is peace and beauty. Later, for the lucky ones this heavenly sent person becomes the fountain of happiness and joy.

For the less lucky ones, this person becomes the forbidden apple that slowly takes them from highs of heaven to the burning fires of hell. Even though the pain is unbearable, but the fear of losing this person seems more painful.

 Their souls die within the wounds of their broken hearts, leaving them a body that feeds on their pain. To them pain becomes a daily routine and happiness a distance memory. Little do they know that they are reborn the moment this person leaves them.  Promise of heaven appears farfetched as they live for today and cannot trust the unpredictable events of tomorrows.



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Wonders Of Iran:In Search of Heaven

“Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation” (later made into a documentary for the Discovery Channel) the British Egyptologist and historian David Rohl suggests that the Biblical Garden of Eden was situated in Tabriz.


 “In Search of Heaven” recounts the spiritual odyssey of American missionary Howard Conklin Baskerville. His 1907 passage to Iran, as a teacher, led to philosophical revelations that would not only impact his own life, but his students as well. Baskerville’s journey to enlightenment drew him to become the driving inspiration behind a revolution of freedom for a politically, and religiously, oppressed people.

The city of Tabriz, where Howard met his end, has recently been postulated as the original “Garden Of Eden.”  Certified Scholars identify the location next to City of Tabriz as the modern city of Rezahehe (Oromieh) birth place of Adam and Eve. 

Christians will be fascinated by this.  That includes Jews.  The followers of Islam also believe that there was a real birthplace where in Adam and Even were created and call it “Baghe Behesht,” which translates as the same thing as “Garden of Eden.” In the book the reader will get familiar with the city which was the place of Garden of Eden and the birth place of Adam and Eve. The novel, “In Search of Heaven”, has been adapted into a screenplay and is currently being developed into a major motion picture.

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