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Only From The Heart Can You Touch The Sky …

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Body is where you are, …

Mind is where you would have gone, …

Heart is where you want to be, …

Soul is where you end up …


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  Autumn is my favorite season, It’s beautiful when leaves on trees and shrubs changing colour from green into shades of yellow, orange and red, nature look as if she is celebrating,  and it’s amazing to watch the birds change colour and sometimes they fall from the trees.

An Injured Dove in My Hands

We found an injured bird on the ground; we gently picked up the bird and hold it firmly, then cleaned her feathers and gave her food. She was calmly looking at us; it was like she is saying: “ Be wise; soar not too high to fall; but stoop to rise because wisdom is often nearer when we stoop than when we soar. You should hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” And indeed we should learn a lesson from the birds. They feed those who cannot fly far; they help and serve each other with no thought of reward.


Dove In My Hand ready to freely fly with silent and peacefully soaring in the clouds

When she was well enough, we let her go to freely fly with silent and peacefully soaring in the clouds …

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Punishment Of Flying Dove Is Not Gun!


We were born with potential
We were born with goodness and trust
We were born with ideals and dreams
We were born with greatness
We were born with wings
We are not meant for crawling
We have wings
Learn to use them and fly


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Flo14wer-Iranian Art
I said: I am so small I can barely be seen
How can this great love be inside me?
And he said: your eyes are even smaller
Yet they behold the world

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