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Power Of Love

From my blasphemy to your religion, the only path is doubt
Don’t make me contented with the light of your lantern; unless you have the Sun!

Come with the sense of destruction; so that could break my wall
Not having anything to say, is better than repetition of myself like a parrot!

For Love and its dangerous path; there is no place for fear,
At the end of preaching, there is no place for lecture!

If someone who doesn’t have any faith, fall in Love;
suddenly become a believer and faithful,
Something like a miracle can happen with love!

Lover’s nationality is separate from all other religions,
The lover’s religion and nationality is the Beloved (God).

The lover’s cause is separate from all other causes
Love is the astrolabe of God’s mysteries.


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Flo14wer-Imam Ali

To Malik: awaken your heart to kindness and mercy for the people and love and tenderness for them. Never, never act with them like a predatory beast which seeks to be satiated by devouring them, for the people fall into two categories: they are either your brethren in faith or your kindred in creation …

Do not ever say, ‘I have been given authority’ or ‘My command should be obeyed.’ Because it corrupts the heart, consumes one’s faith, and invites calamities…

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