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Like A Melting Snow … Wash Yourself Of Yourself …

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When I am silent …

I fall into that place …

Where everything is music …

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All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent…

Guilt and conscience after doing something bad are the forceful burden…

One may perhaps attempts to ignore it,…

Conversely that is when it sneaks up behind you and eats you alive…

Some possibly will fight back to recognize their personal self-reproach and conscience,

Reluctant or powerless in the direction of rationalizing the role they participate in it…


Other people may well turn their back on their conscience and escape, …

Detaching their sense of right and wrong ,…

Until there is no ethics, conscience and principles left whatsoever…

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Do not soil your conscience …

For anything but,

Heaven …

Imam Ali

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When you plant a seed of Love … it is YOU that Blossoms! …

Loving one another …


half of Wisdom…

Imam Ali

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The power of the mind is our power, use it before it uses you …

Are we sincere to ourselves?

 Or are we living on other people’s expectations?

The most destructive weapon any person can impose on human being is their mind.

By hunting one’s fears, hesitance, suspicions, doubts and worries that already lurk there.

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La miglior arma che si può usare contro di noi è la nostra stessa mente, sfruttando i dubbi e le incertezze che vi si annidano.

Siamo sinceri con noi stessi, o viviamo per aspettative degli altri?

E se siamo leali e sinceri con gli altri … potremo mai essereamati veramente?

Troveremo il coraggio di rivelare i nostri più intimi segreti… o resteremo sempre degli sconosciuti, anche per noi stessi?

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Waiting for the time when the word “Discrimination” is no longer exist in any dictionary…

“You can forget those who hurt you physically
And forgive those who hurt you emotionally,
but you can never
Forget or Forgive
Those who discriminated against you personally.”


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Dream And Reality


If you only live in the dream and not in the reality
then you will get lost in your imagination.
If you only live in the reality and not in the dream
then you will be lost in the materialistic world.
Make therefore your reality to a dream and
…the dream to your reality
so that you can be
present in the real condition of love.

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It’s All About Perception!


Bad things happens to all of us, some less, some more; we are not able to control the things that happen to us, however if we have the courage we should be able to control the way we react to them. It’s all about perception, this way instead of allowing the change to master us; we will be able to master the change and hopefully that change brings out the best in us.

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