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All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent…

Guilt and conscience after doing something bad are the forceful burden…

One may perhaps attempts to ignore it,…

Conversely that is when it sneaks up behind you and eats you alive…

Some possibly will fight back to recognize their personal self-reproach and conscience,

Reluctant or powerless in the direction of rationalizing the role they participate in it…


Other people may well turn their back on their conscience and escape, …

Detaching their sense of right and wrong ,…

Until there is no ethics, conscience and principles left whatsoever…

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Do not soil your conscience …

For anything but,

Heaven …

Imam Ali

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Waiting for the time when the word “Discrimination” is no longer exist in any dictionary…

“You can forget those who hurt you physically
And forgive those who hurt you emotionally,
but you can never
Forget or Forgive
Those who discriminated against you personally.”


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Campaign For Saving Urmia Lake

Urmia Lake, planet’s third largest salt lake is shrinking. Lake’s surrounding is one the most beautiful and environmentally sensitive areas. Unfortunately neither the local authorities nor the international institutions have paid sufficient attention and care for saving the lake. Support to save the lake.

Flamingos at Lake Urmia

Flamingos at Lake Urmia

More than 211 species of birds such as flamingos, pelicans, spoonbills, and gulls, 41 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians, and 27 species of mammals such as yellow deer inhabit the lake.

The lake is marked by more than one hundred small rocky islands, which are stopover points in the migration of various birds. Flamingos are known to breed in large numbers at Lake Urmia as many as 25,000 breeding pairs.

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Life …

هو المتین

When I hear somebody sigh: “Life is hard”,

I am always

tempted to ask: “Compared to what?”

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Child Abuse, a Lifetime Shadow!

While the bruises of the body fade in time, the scars of child abuse never fade. Children are never the same again after an abuser has entered their lives, they loose not only the innocence of childhood, but also the chance at a normal future. One cannot erase the memories of abuse, they live in conscious and the subconscious, invading every aspect of ones life. Child abuse victims are given a life sentence, forced to live in the shadows of their abusers.

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The Forgotten Name

“In a world unknown to me,

Where people have hundred faces,

With their small black and white horizons


Ice hearts;

 I was called by my name, I kept quiet.

I was called by my ethnicity; I did not reply.

I was called by my race, I kept my silence …


I am waiting for the day that once again I would only be referred to as a

“Human being.””


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Truth After All Can Never Die!

The tyrant is nothing but a slave turned inside out. When a valiant soul seems to stand against the world; when the noblest motives are reviled and mocked; when truth seems to suffer an eclipse, the martyr’s whisper comes: “Truth after all can never die.”

“Tolerance is man’s ornament , keeping promises is a sign of nobility , and bonding with others is a grace.”Imam Hossein

“To me , death is nothing but happiness, and living under tyrants nothing but living in a hell.” Imam Hossein

Hossein brave stand was taken against oppression and dictatorship. When evil and injustice threatened to ruin society, he and his family and his true friends, fought for human rights, freedom and justice for all!

Imam Hossein said:” Death with dignity is better than life with humiliation.” He was the grandson and successor of prophet Mohammad(s). He was mercilessly martyred along with 72 others comprising of his family members including his 6 month old son as well as his companions after being denied access to water for 3 days. He said: “I swear by God, I shall not surrender as a humiliated person and shall not escape like slaves.”

Shia Muslims commemorate this tragic event every year. Although Hossein and his companions lost the physical battle, they ensured victory for truth, morality and selflessness. Mahatma Gandhi said: “I learned from Hussein how to achieve victory while being oppressed.”

We remember him not just for his sacrifice but for the cause:

  • Justice is not to be compromised at all levels. No matter where we live, what we do, at work,  at home, or at street, we will never tolerate injustice.


  • Freedom is an absolute right not to be taken from anyone. No manmade authority has the right to make people slaves. God created people as equals with free will, and none can deny them this.


  • No justification of wrong in the name of the religion. God sent messengers to guide people to what is best. Truth and happiness is what religion holds for people. To use it as a justification for one’s own interests and agenda is never to be accepted. 
“Your neighbours are like your relatives.Telling the truth brings about honor. People’s secrets are properties held in trust with you.” Imam Hossein

So every year on Ashoura we mourn the tragedy of Karbala, and the stand for all that was right against all that was evil.

We should stand together and do not allow extremists to use religion to justify their unkind crimes!

We should stand together so that one day we may have a world where justice and peace reign for all people.

Hossein represented authentic Islam, a way of life based on community, love of one’s neighbors, peaceful co-existence with people of different believes, social justice and equality for all regardless of race or religion.

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