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Waiting for the time when the word “Discrimination” is no longer exist in any dictionary…

“You can forget those who hurt you physically
And forgive those who hurt you emotionally,
but you can never
Forget or Forgive
Those who discriminated against you personally.”


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Child Abuse, a Lifetime Shadow!

While the bruises of the body fade in time, the scars of child abuse never fade. Children are never the same again after an abuser has entered their lives, they loose not only the innocence of childhood, but also the chance at a normal future. One cannot erase the memories of abuse, they live in conscious and the subconscious, invading every aspect of ones life. Child abuse victims are given a life sentence, forced to live in the shadows of their abusers.

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The Kind Man

“Humbleness has grades of which is that the human being recognize his position , not expect from anybody more than what he deserves , associateand behave with others the way he likes to be treated ; and if anybody did bad to him , instead he does good , restrains his anger, forgives and is benevolent.” ~ Imam Reza

At the beginning of the 9th century (3rd century AH) Mashhad was a small village called Sanabad situated 24 km away from Tus. There was a summer palace of “Hamid ibn Qahtabi”, the governor of Khorasan. In 808 when Harun al-Rashid, Abbasid caliph, was passing through there to settle down the insurrection of “Rafi ibn Leith” in Transoxania, he became ill and died. He was buried under the palace of Hamid ibn Qahtabi. Several years later in 818 Imam Ali al-Reza was martyred by Al-Ma’mun and was buried beside the grave of Harun, now Mashhad (Persian: مشهد , ‹Mašhad›, literally the place of martyrdom) is the second largest city in Iran and one of the holiest cities in the Shia Muslim world.

Imam Reza was the seventh descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and the eighth of the Twelve Imams.  Like his father and grand fathers he became the practical example for others during his life. He taught the lesson of life to the people. He did not segregate and separate himself from them and did not lead his life on the style and pattern of tyrants and oppressors. He did not overlook or show heedlessness and disrespect to anyone.

"Stinginess destroys human's dignity."~Imam Reza

After the death of Hārūn Rashīd, Hārūn’s two sons began fighting for control of the Abbāsid Empire. One son, Al-Amin, had an Arab mother and thus had the support of Arabs, while his half-brother Al-Ma’mun had a Persian mother and the support of Persia. Al-Ma’mun believed that Persia was sympathetic to the Hashemites and asked for Ali al-Rida to meet him in Persia. Ali al-Ridha left his only son, Muħammad at-Taqī, and his wife and set out for Merv.


"Best wealth is what is spent for guarding dignity." ~ Imam Reza

After defeating his brother, al-Ma’mun named Ali al-Ridha his successor. He hoped to win Shī’a support through this move, but the passage of caliphate would occur only if Ali al-Rida outlived al-Ma’mun (as with all promises of succession). Al-Ma’mun even changed the black Abbāsid flags to green, the traditional color of the house of Alī ibn Abī-Tālib(Imam Ali), the first Shī’a imam.

Ali al-Ridha did not outlive al-Ma’mun, martyred on May 26, 818, in Persia while accompanying al-Ma’mun at Tus. Most scholars agree he was poisoned by al-Ma’mun who poisoned Imam using grapes. Ali al-Ridha is buried within Imam Ridha Mosque, in Mashhad, Iran.


"Humbleness is to give the people what you like to be given."~Imam Reza

A cute Arab boy visiting Iran with his family.

My brother took all these photos with his mobile phone.

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I Dream of a Better World

I Dream of a Better World,

Where, people are equal!

A world with no king, no queen, no boss of all people!


A world where all children are safe and happy,

With no fear of abuse,

With no fear of starvation,

With no fear of cruelty!

A world of pain free!


A world when people can feel, they can be themselves!

A world where people have respect of each other!

A world where each person can truly respect themselves!

A world where each person is truly fortunate!


Where hatred has no place!

Where prejudice and discrimination means nothing!

Where no one won’t be torture, executed for what they believe!

A world with no nuclear bombs, no gunpowder, no artillery!


A world full of nobility!

A world full of compassion!

A world full of humanity!

A world full of peace!


A world where we all can respect the earth!


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Real Friends and Storm!

 Friends are the people who stand beside you through the good times and the bad. They are the ones that you share your adventures with and, when life is good, those that you encircle with your successes. They cause you to laugh and to cry, frustrate you, and amaze you. They are the ones that provide you with all those crazy experiences and emotions that make your life worth living.

At times when it seems like everyone else around you has disappeared, true friends are those that stand beside you. They are the person that you call out to when there is just no one else who seems to understand. They are there to defend you and protect you. They are your port in a storm and when you haven’t the strength to stand anymore they pick you up, dust you off, and act like nothing out of the ordinary has happened, and support you till you are strong enough to once again walk alone. True friends are always there for you.

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