Safavid Period Architecture


Iran - Isfahan

Safavid art refers to art in Persia (Iran) during the dynasty of the same name (1501-1722), a high point for the art of the book and architecture; other art at the time included ceramics, metal and glass.

Iran - Esfahan

Iran - Esfahan

For the third time in the history of the Safavids, the capital of the empire changed under Shah Abbas: to Isfahan, a city in a more centralized location than Tabriz or Qazvin (which is between Tehran and Tabriz). A new capital was thus set up beside the ancient city, organized around a meydan, a large place 512 metres long by 159 wide.

Iran - Esfahan

On one side stands the Shah’s mosque, on the other the Shah’s oratory, called the mosque of Sheikh Lutfallah, while the pavilion Ali Qapu opens onto a large pleasure walkway (Chahar Bagh) and the grand bazaar led to the old mosque on Fridays. Two bridges cross the Zayandeh River, leading to an Armenian section taking the name of Nea Julfa.


Iran - Isfahan



Iran - Isfahan

Chaharbagh school
A tiling collection, The Madresse chaharbagh, or royal school, also named after the king’s mother; is one of the last, but otherwise most beautiful works of Safavid period architecture. It was built at the time of Shah Sultan Hussain, the last of the safavid kings. The building also displays the art of tile work at its best. It is an example of late Safavid period tile work. On the eastern wing of the school was the king’s mother caravansary, a place for travellers to rest. Today it has been turned into the magnificent Abbasi Hotel, itself a museum of post-Safavid works of art. (17th century after Christ).

Iran - Isfahan





  1. Genie said

    I have been longing to visit Iran for a few years now, and if I could travel there I would love to visit, however, the country that I live in has expelled the Iraninan ambassador and closed the Iranian Embassy, so, I don’t know how to obtain the required Visa to visit Iran.
    If I could find out how to obtain a Visa, I would visit Iran in a couple of months from now.

    • flo14wer said

      Hello dear Genie 🙂

      I do not know how to obtain a visa when the embassy is closed; I assume another country with the Iranian embassy could be the answer; however this way is very hard to apply a visa. I understand since the American and British embassies in Iran has been closed, Iranians who wish to visit those countries, obtain the visa from American or British embassy in countries like Turkey or United Emirate…

      Iran is a beautiful country and the people are very hospitable … I hope one day soon you could easily travel to Iran, and all the unnecessary political tensions change to peace and harmony…

      Kind regards

      • Genie said

        I was given a phone number by the country that I live in [I phoned a 1 800 number for departments within the Federal Government] at the United Nations which deals with obtaining Visas to countries that have no Iranian Embassy, hopefully, they can help me find a way to obtain a Visa to visit Iran. I sure hope that I can find a way to travel there, the country and its people are so lovely.
        Thanks for the tips, I will check those out as well.

        Peace be upon you, Narges,

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