I Dream of a Better World

I Dream of a Better World,

Where, people are equal!

A world with no king, no queen, no boss of all people!


A world where all children are safe and happy,

With no fear of abuse,

With no fear of starvation,

With no fear of cruelty!

A world of pain free!


A world when people can feel, they can be themselves!

A world where people have respect of each other!

A world where each person can truly respect themselves!

A world where each person is truly fortunate!


Where hatred has no place!

Where prejudice and discrimination means nothing!

Where no one won’t be torture, executed for what they believe!

A world with no nuclear bombs, no gunpowder, no artillery!


A world full of nobility!

A world full of compassion!

A world full of humanity!

A world full of peace!


A world where we all can respect the earth!



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