Kashan-Niasar: In The Middle of Vast Deserts!

In the middle of vast deserts and beautiful mountains there is a beautiful small village with lots of flowers, a waterfall and caves hidden in the desert surrounded by mountains.

The green and beautiful resort village of Niasar is located 28 kilometers west of the city of Kashan, Isfahan province. Niasar’s Sassanid monument is a domed building constructed over a rock at the highest point of Niasar village which can be seen from afar.

Niasar cave, with its entrance openings, located in gardens north of Niasar village, is a temple belonging to followers of Mitra (god of ancient Persia). The temple most probably dates back to the early Partian era. All but one of the chambers of the cave are man-made.The Eid-ul-Adha (Al-Adha feast) held in Niasar lends proof to the fact that people living in the region in the olden times believed in Mithraism.


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