Mount of Sun : Iran : Zanjan : Katale Khor Cave


Katale khor (Persian: کتله‌خور,Azerbaijani: كتل كوتول) is a cave located in Zanjan Province, Iran. It’s situated at 120 km south of Zanjan city and 410 km away from Tehran. The name, Katale khor, means “mount of Sun”.


It is believed that the cave joins to Ali Sadr Cave in Hamadan province.

The cave was scientifically studied at 1984 and due to the results, formation of the cave referred to the Jurassic period (about 120 million years ago). The cave mostly contains lime stalactites and stalagmites and huge halls and corridors, mainly dry. Three levels of the cave have been explored so far and it is anticipated that unexplored levels exceeds to four. Currently, there are two visiting routes inside the cave, a 2 km long straight route for public visit and a 4 km long sport route for professionals. This cave at entry stages was residence of ancient people so that bones of about 80 people are still preserved.
This cave was discovered about 90 years ago but it was registered by Ahmad Jamali



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